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As the No.1 Hotel Development Company, Eujong Co., Ltd., the holding company of Ambassador Hotel

Group, we provide the best one-stop hotel development solution based on the best performance and

know-how in Korea.

We will be the first company to be selected by providing the best value.
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As a holding company of the Ambassador Hotel Group, which has a history of more than 60 years,
Eujong Co., Ltd. is providing the best hotel development solution based on its accumulated experience and know-how.

We have over 70 hotel development projects including joint hotel development business of Ambassador, one of the representative hotels in Korea,
and AccorHotels, Europe's largest hotel company. From business hotels to luxury hotels and resort development, we boast a diverse portfolio of businesses.

Based on the expertise of each field, we provide one-stop solution from the development stage to the opening of the hotel and based on our accumulated
expertise, we present the best business model to meet customer needs.

By realizing 'customer value creation' which is the philosophy of Eujong we will be the first company to gain trust and be the first choice of our customers.

We will continue to grow as a leading company in the rapidly changing domestic hotel market, offering future value,
and will continue to contribute to the development of the domestic hotel industry.

Thank you.

CEO 김명수